Harddisks in e-uae ..

are coming closer ;). After implementing a first version of GtkClist, GtkScrolledWindow and GtkDialog, I was able to compile e-uae for AROS with GTK UI and autoconfig enabled. So now the GUI to mount host file systems inside e-uae can be launched:

There are still some bugs left (of course), but things are fitting together more and more. With every widget already existing, adding new widgets to GTK-MUI gets simpler . Itix tried to do GtkDialog long ago. He had to write a lot of custom code and it would have never been the real thing ;). With the current status, I could just take the gtkdialog.c/.h source and add maybe 10-20 lines to it, and it worked ;).

It's not always that easy, but here it was ;).


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