WinUAE on AROS !!!

Did I mention, that I started porting WinUAE to AROS long time ago? I did not think, it was so long ago, but time seems to fly. After more than 2 years I wanted to give it a quick try again..

And see, what has happened:

This is a native AROS WinUAE 2.3.1 build, so quite dated of course, but much more up to date than e-uae ..but it should not bee too difficult, to merge newer versions.

Why it did not work 2 years ago? I have no idea. I always thought, that the gfx copy routines simply did not work and invested a lot of time, debugging them. The only thing, I did differently now: I tried kick 1.2 ..

Man, I should have tried that years ago..

I think, it uses SDL to display the graphics, but my mind is not the youngest anymore, who knows, what I did back then ;).

Nevertheless, I will go on vacation tomorrow, so no coding for the next three weeks, but I will have a silent smile on my face, lying at the beach ;).

PS: Of course it is not usable at the moment. It is not stable either. You most likely can't even press a mouse button. But it can boot the RSI MegaDemo from floppy with Kickstart 1.2.


A screenshot ..

tells more than 1000 words ;):


Using AROS/m68k as a j-uae guest system works

Just to give you a short update, most of the problems with AROS/m68k coherency should be gone now (at least on my system). Of course Paolo will find some heavy bugs, as soon as I send him the new version ;). The only smaller thing not supported yet are window shapes, most noticeably on popup menus.

You will have to use the same theme both on AROS/host and AROS/guest, but then you should not really notice any differences between them.

Border gadgets should behave more smoothly, speed should be much better and world peace will happen of course, too. At least if Europe finally stops provoking Russia one day (sorry for Off-Topic useless political remark. NSA: no need to watch me closer).

There are now two different 68k daemon bundles, one native for AROS (elf), one for AmigaOS3 (hunk). Show-stopper at the moment is, that you also need different j-uae executables for each guest system, so at the moment AmigaOS 3 is not supported anymore.

So next thing is, to get AmigaOS3 working again, without damaging AROS guests ;).



As I did a quick Zune GUI for minunzip (which now was also ported to AmigaOS4 by kas1e), Carsten Siegner sent me the sources for his MorphOS program "InstantZip". Thanks for that!

It was a little bit hard, to get it compiled and at least somewhat working on AROS, especially, if you only have a few minutes spare time now and then to fix the problems.

As it seems, AROS ListView does not support mulitselection, I switched to NList-classes and now it has some basic functionality, it can at least extract single files from an archive, as you can see below.

It might still take some time (and motivation..) to get it in a releasable state, but it might happen eventually ;).