v0.9 released

janus-uae v0.9 hit the archives: janus-uae.i386.tar.gz

I finally found time to release this version, which was packed up a few days ago. It has the following fixes and new features compared to the 0.8 release:

  • GUI: configuration description is now displayed and can be changed in About tab
  • GUI: fixed p96 memory options, if 68000 is selected
  • GUI: JIT buffer size maximum changed, uses MB instead of bytes now (same as WinUAE)
  • GUI: ROM image names are now updated correctly, if you load a new config file
  • GUI: crash on exit after floppy image has been changed fixed
  • GUI: new CPU tab, which saves state correctly
  • Quit with window gadget does not crash juae any more
  • possible AmigaOS library close race condition fixed
  • removed all debug and symbols, stripped executable


Blogger Hardwired said...

You're reaching the end goal...

Pretty much done from what I've gathered, just some final debugging and finally we will have UAE-integration!

Wonderful job o1i!!!...

10:48 AM  
Blogger shamraiz said...

So this version will be completed in next year of it ll took more time to finish
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6:40 AM  

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