Integrate e-uae .. a little bit more

The last screenshot showed just one AmigaOS window on the AROS desktop. This was quite fast to do, but required the AmigaOS application's source to be changed.

The actual version opens any window on the workbench screen also on the AROS wanderer screen. The windows are updated dynamically of course.

There are a couple of things *not* working:
- window titles (trivial to fix)
- move/close/resize/raise windows (quite trivial to fix)
- any kind of input from the AROS side (difficult to fix)
- get rid of AmigaOS mouse pointer (easy, if above stuff works)
- sliders etc in the window border (tricky to fix)
- menu stuff (no idea, how to fix)
- hide the uae window (trivial last step)

But besides those issues, it looks quite ok. Yeah, I know, you want to see it. As always for Christmas, I am late at getting presents, so you only get a voucher from me (sorry, I have no idea, how to record a good movie of a X11 window and this old machine would be to slow anyways):

What you can see here:

In the top left, there are the according AROS windows of the AmigaOS windows of the E-UAE running on the right bottom.

Every AmigaOS window has gotten its own AROS task, as you can see in the tasklist in the right CLI window.

But for your present, you have to wait a little bit longer ;).

Merry Christmas!


Blogger Hardwired said...

Great work!! Keep it up!

Merry Christmas to you too!...

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