New toy

And now for something completely different, after more than 6 years, I got a new cell phone, a Nokia E71 (my old Siemens S45 is still working and I will keep it ;)):

The E71 has nearly everything, you can think of:
GPS, FM radio, WLAN, USB, Bluetooth, Infrared, Camera, Keyboard, Cardslot, no windows mobile ..

If you can connect a bigger Screen, it would make a nice computer ;).

You can easily watch movies on it, something my old S45 could not do. And the batteries are lasting nearly as long, as my old s45 ones :).

Back to playing with it..


Blogger Jaiminho said...


would you like a sip account at www.voipser.com.br peered with sipbroker.com?

selling my fish! =o)

kind regards,

10:34 PM  
Blogger o1i said...

Thanks for the offer. I am not yet sure, whether I want to use VoIP on that phone (I am not even sure, if I want to use TCP/IP at all ;)).

11:28 AM  

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