Integrate e-uae .. even more

Now there are window titles, they are not updated at the moment, but this is boring work, really trivial.

The next issue was to move/raise etc. the windows. First there can be an os3 application, which resizes its own window. Then the AROS window needs to be resized accordingly.

Then the AROS user of course should be able to resize his AROS windows, which contain os3 windows, which then must be resized.

I had though out a good solution, which just did not work :(. I found some minor bugs (a lot of os3 workbench windows are simple refresh, they are cloned, but I needed AROS smart refresh ones..), but still everything was unstable.

If you move one window in front of another, Intuition does not do that at once, the MoveWindowInFrontOf call returns and the windows are shuffled later on, when Intuition "finds time". So my way of sorting needed to be thought over and I think, I maybe found a way to do it. At least, it seems to be stable now.

You can now also close an aos3 window and the according AROS window task is signaled an closes his window before he dies.

So move/close/resize/raise windows works now :). Closing AROS windows as no effect so far.

No screenshot for today, you have to trust me ;).

And btw, I think, I found a name for this project, too:


I'll keep you posted.


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