MUI part #2

Next thing I noticed was, that MUI popup menus were not working, too. So I had some debugging fun to find out, how MUI does those nice popup menus..

If you click on an object with a popup menu (RMBTRAP set)
- MUI opens a new intuition window for the popup menu
- MUI opens it INACTIVE
- the popup window does not get any mouse move messages, as it is not active
- I assume, it reads the mouse coordinates itself or gets them forwarded by the main window
- as soon as you click in the popup window, it is activated
- if you activate a popup window, it reports the selected item back and closes itself

Nice magic, maybe that's one of the reasons for the name of this toolkit ;).

So I had to make all that possible for integrated j-uae windows, too. Open inactive windows, let them get mouse moves, keep the right button pressed all the time and so on. But now, they work:


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