another release candidate

As there were some problems with the last release candidate, there is another one here.

The following things are different:
- mouse sync in overscan modes should work now (please test!)
- a lot of new and bigger picasso screen modes added
- janusd-draggable for those who want to use j-uae without coherence (this is just a quick work-around)

Mouse sync for non-picasso screens was written from scratch, it took quite some time (much more as you might think). The result is a small and clean code segment, which hopefully works now for all weird overscan settings.

For the bigger screen modes: you need to have an at least so big wanderer screen to use them and assign enough ram to the picasso96 emulation in the memory tab.

I am waiting for your bug reports, either here, by e-mail or on aros-exec.

For all news sites: This is still no news you should put on your site. You may publish it next week, when the 0.4 is uploaded to the official servers. Thanks.


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