Wanderer integration part 2

All the missing parts are done now, so if you click on a editor and then double click a text file, the editor opens the text file. If it is a 68k AmigaOS editor or not, does not matter anymore. Of course, both the editor and the text file must be accessible (mounted) in AmigaOS.

To make all that stuff safe, to add configuration parameters and to be able to switch it on and off easily, is more work than to get it working for a first time..

And a GUI was missing, too, of course. As the old GUI was not very intuitive (I never was good at GUI design), I gave it another try. So it looks like that now:

So what is the current bounty status?

1. Must be able to run some classical software which must include: WordWorth 6, Organizer 2, Datastore 2 and Money Matters 4.*

2. Must provide support for window and screen based apps so they appear to be running on the host system - including access to public screens.

3. Doubling-clicking a 68k application in Wanderer will cause that application to be run in the emulation.

4. Each instance of emulation will be a commodity that can be shut down via Exchange.

5. Port over a Zune based UAE prefs application.

6. UAE to use AROS clipboard.

7. separate directory (for 68K files) dictated by the chosen config.

So all features are implemented. Bug fixing and test time!


Blogger Hardwired said...

All features seem to be implemented...


Anyone brought the Bug spray? ;)

11:00 AM  
Blogger clusteruk said...

Hi Oliver, when do you think we can start testing and how did you get on with the mouse pointer synch and scrolling screen issues.

Steve Jones (clusteruk)

2:51 PM  

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