Happy Birthday!

I just noticed, that I registered the janus-uae project on sourceforge on 2009-03-20! Time passes really quick.. I really thought, I could do it (much) faster. At least I am sure, that it won't take another year until it is completed ;).

What's happening at the moment?
- I added some magic to hide the aros mouse pointer
- fixed a bug in borderless windows
- fixed a bug, which caused native j-uae to always crash as soon as integration was on
- fixed a bug, which appeared because of bugfix above ;)
- fixed a bug..

That's where I am at the moment. It is a quite complex piece of software, so if you fix a bug at one place, you really need to test everything else, if it is still ok. So no new features for you to see here. Just less bugs (hopefully).

OT: And for all planet-aros users, Rob's cron job seems to be dead, so you don't get any updates there.


Blogger Manu said...

Thanks for the status update. And happy one year anniversary :)
Keep on rockin'

9:38 AM  

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