v0.7 release candidate

Today I sent a link to a v0.7 rc to some brave beta testers, it should fulfill *all* requirements of the bounty.

Main changes compared to the 0.6 on IcAROS:
- public screens are working (again)
- mouse pointer gets hidden (if AROS supports it)
- MUI menus work now
- popup menus (done via real intuition windows as in MUI) work now
- re-enabled old sound code, which (according to clusteruk) even works
- fixed garbage shape window, if toggled integration
- added more resolutions
- destroyed uae window content is now restored correctly
- uae integration now works, if you use assigns as hardfiles
- 68k apps should be able to start from amidock, if j-uae is running already


Blogger nik said...


Great work :D

Sound now works. Thx a lot for that.

I been playing Turrican and it worked perfect.

12:46 AM  
Blogger Hardwired said...

Apps should be working a lot better now... I hope!

That's one of the main points...

Anyway - hope to see the next public release soon!

11:03 AM  

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