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So what am I doing at the moment? Not much visible in screenshots.

I am cleaning up the code, I have written so far. It was quite some try and error stuff in there, many different ways to do one thing, as I wanted to get a feeling, what works, and what makes problems.

Now it was time to clean up the mess and do some bug hunting, everything now works as expected. Not everything you wish, everything I have done so far ;).

So have a look yourself:

You can see here workbench running in an AROS window, three open shells, one is AmigaOS3 and the other three are from AROS. You can resize, move and depth-arrange all those windows. You can type in those windows and click on the icons. Speed is nearly normal E-UAE speed, not faster obviously.

What does not work at the moment for AmigaOS:
- close gadget
- menus
- border gadgets
- non Workbench Screens

So far no patches to AROS are required. AmigaOS got one SetFunc for CloseWindow, because otherwise it would have been too dangerous, that a window structure gets freed during access from the AROS task.

I really think, that border gadgets are the most difficult task remaining, as there might be everything in there. I have only tried WordWorth for a test so far, but WW has plenty of custom border gadgets, those a really a feature, C= should have never introduced.

And of course you cannot start AmigaOS programs from wanderer icons yet. So far, you need an open AmigaOS window (for example) workbench, to launch others.


Blogger Merlin said...

This is exceptional work. Many people resist the move to AROS because they want to run their Apps natively. This is pretty much emulation without the users knoledge. I, for one, can't wait to try it.

Keep up the good work.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Hardwired said...

I agree with Merlin. Of course I must add that user's GUI feeling on running apps was always a Amiga user prerogative, so it's undertandable up to a point.

Olivier, I hope you will make Amiga Screens opening as AROS Screens and not as windows (or at least configurable as both options).

5:33 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Keep up the good work, what you are doing is great !

7:46 PM  
Blogger o1i said...

It remains to be seen, how the final feeling of the apps will be. And how usefull 15 year old software really is ;).

Olivier is someone else ;). For Amiga Screens, I don't really see, why they are so important. But doing them should be fairly simple. As soon as a non WB screen is in front, just make e-uae full screen (Blit the contents to an AROS screen).

9:09 AM  
Blogger Hardwired said...

Sorry for the names mixup. :(

But IMO running the screens as native (having the option to cycle through them) is an important part of E-UAE integration.
The idea of the bounty is to make the process of using 68k apps the way they would run on native AmigaOS only using AROS resources (such as WIMP & GUI), and AROS supports dynamic screen allocation so it makes sense.

It's sad to see that so many people nowadays just uses windows on the same desktop and have forgotten this important AMIGAOS like feature.

4:20 PM  

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