I can type, click and move my mouse!

If you have the right idea, difficult stuff is much easier, than the stuff you thought would be trivial. It took me days, until I had the window swapping and positioning working. It just took me 20 minutes, to be able to type in a simple shell window from the AROS side.

So I could launch my first AmigaOS program from an AROS window :).

Now for the mouse. What I really hated in E-UAE for AROS is the bad mouse synchronization. I hate double mouse pointers, one following the other quite some pixels after. Getting the actual mouse coordinates from AROS is simple, I have programmed quite some traps now. But what to do with them? How do I place the AmigaOS mouse? I found an old program (SetMouse) on Aminet. Freeware and *with* sources. It saved me a lot of work, so thanks to Ketil Hunn, who did this some 15 years (!) ago.

The AmigaOS mouse is now always *exactly* below the AROS mouse!

Hey people, release your sources! It's really a pity, how many useful programs there would be on Aminet and how much someone could learn from them, if we just have the sources. (And we could also port them, but that is another issue).

So now, I can move the mouse, click on gadgets, resize windows, type where I want.

Hey, we are getting closer :).


Blogger Andi said...

Very cool, man ;-)
Don't you want to register for the bounty now?

Thanks for your hard work!

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, fellow Arossian !
Is it difficult for an AmigaOS program to "see" the network connection under AROS ?

2:46 PM  
Blogger weissms said...

If everybody would have opened their sources your wouldn't be needed ;-)

3:20 PM  
Blogger Hardwired said...

Excellent work! Keep it up and AROS will get more than just enhanced E-UAE emulation, and actually improved AROS functionality regarding 68k software.

This will definitely open a lot of doors (and closed minds)...

3:44 PM  

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