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There's a time to code and a time to ski. I've been in Bad Gastein in Austria last weekend. Despite the really bad weather forecast, we really were lucky:

We even got some powder :))):

The only thing, we did not get enough, was sleep. In Bad Gastein you can find very good party locations, no typical Austrian After Ski stuff, but nice (and drunken) people from Sweden, Denmark and Norway and cool live bands everywhere (also from these countries).

So if you want to listen to Iron Maiden and AC/DC instead of "Anton aus Tirol", Bad Gastein is your place to go ;). Best band in my eyes I've seen there were the Afterskindians with singer (and pyromaniac ) Johan Fahlberg, who played in the Silver Bullet Bar. No (publishable) pictures from inside the bar, sorry ;).


Blogger Hardwired said...

Happy skiing!

And beer hunting... ;)

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