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First of all, I've merged all relevant changes, which were done in e-uae after the WIP4 release. Not much noticeable for a normal user, but might fix some smaller issues.

Besides that, you now can close aos3 windows from the AROS side. So a click on a AROS window, which is the clone of a aos3 window closes the aos3 window. Then the daemon detects, that a aos3 window got closed and kills the clone. This is necessary, as things like "Do you really want to close this window" must work of course.

I thought to send a faked IDCMP message to the aos3 window, which in fact worked at a first glance. But aos3 CLI windows don't have a port to receive IDCMP messages at all. How do they notice, that the close gadget was pressed at all?

As I had no idea, I went the easier way. Assuming the close gadget is always on the top left of the window border, I just move the mouse there, "press" the left button and move the mouse back to it's original position. Much simpler, not so elegant, but works always (as long as the close gadget is, where it is supposed to be ;)).

What's next? Menu stuff..? I have no good ideas here, but we'll see.


Blogger Hardwired said...

It might not seem much to common user, but to me is actually quite impressive!

As for menus, that might be a tad trickier, I admit I hadn't thought of that yet - It's all controlled through IDCMP which should be easy to mimic in both sides. As for GUI aspect (drawing/redrawing/handling) on the amiga side I have no clue how it's handled and if you can suppress/hide it with no issues...

But I put my faith in your work...

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