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Just to break the silence, I am working on public screen support for janus-uae. The idea is to open an AROS public screen for every amigaOS public screen. So AROS windows and amigaOS windows can both live on that screen. So far for the theory. I introduced a bug somewhere and that's where I am, debugging ;).

Btw, my actual janus-uae build can run in full screen mode, but so far there is no GUI button to activate that. v0.3 will have it, promised ;).

Btw2, did anybody try the janus-daemon in the amiga directory of the janus-uae v0.2? Just start it form a shell window on a picasso96 workbench screen and get a feeling, how the integration will look like. Still very much work in progress, so be warned.


Blogger bloodline said...

Come on o1i, screen shots please!!! ;-)

Nice work!!!

12:52 AM  

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