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You might probably ask, what is going on in janus land. I was fighting with IDCMP stuff for quite a while. After some prototypes and searching the holy archives of comp.sys.amiga.programmer I accepted, that this is no way to go. Newsgroups are really nice to search for old stuff. It's a pity all the (sometimes valuable) data in those new and hype forums will disappear as soon as the forum dies :(.

So I started doing the other side of menu integration. Clone the amigaOS menus, so that they appear as AROS ones. I have to admit, I've never done menu "low level" stuff, I always used Zune menus. So I looked at gadtools, learned how intuition menus are linked together. As so many requested some new screenshots, here is one with the very first menus:

What you can see here is the menu of the aos3 non-backdrop workbench. Clicking on the menu does nothing for now, sub-menus are sill missing and all the menus flags are still ignored. A lot of other things need to be done, too, but as the basics work, the rest is just boring work.

For the menu selection I have an idea already, how I might solve the IDCMP trouble easily. I'll keep you posted.


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