another step completed

Up to now, you had to start the janusd from amigaos3 and then got your rootless aos3 windows. There was no way back to normal uae operation and. If you quit uae, all janus-windows stayed forever on the aros workbench.

Since now you can:
- change from coherent to normal by sending CTRL-C/CTRL-D to janusd (from aos3)
- change from coherent to normal with a new GUI tab
- save coherent mode in the prefs

All the above is of course only possible, if you have started janusd already (for example in your amigaOS startup-sequence).

Have a look yourself.

Above you can see the new GUI tab "View", which is disabled, as long as janusd is not running.

Janusd started, normal mode.

Coherence mode on. The normal UAE window is still open, I'll keep it there for debug reasons. For the release version, this will disappear of course.

Next step? As you can see in the "View" tab, clipboard support. This will be a small aos3 program on its own, so you can use transparent clipboard sharing in "normal" uae mode, too. But you need some more patience for that ;).


Blogger Hardwired said...

I was looking at the pictures and I thought, wouldn't be great if the Amiga Workbench prefs looked closely to the AROS Wanderer prefs?

And then I though, How about adding a button that would copy files with preference settings similar to the AROS ones into Env: (or envarc:)?

The trick is that AROS prefs files are not compatible with AmigaOS AFAIK, would they be that would be somewhat a simple case. Also one could add the option to use the AROS bitmap fonts directory as well... (Assign ADD).

Of course the user can always go to the trouble of setting things as similar to AROS as possible...

Just me wandering around... But of course that would make more integrated/coherent environment.
The only setting possible of customizing as similar are the fonts and palette (maybe input as well) settings...

11:29 AM  
Blogger o1i said...


All the eye candy is up to the user, sorry.

I don't think you could easily transfer prefs files from aros to amigaos and vice versa, as quite some options are not available on both sides.

I am testing this stuff with a bare amigaos3.1 and picasso96. I have no idea, which things to adapt for os3.5/3.9. I hope, IcAROS will take care of those things ;).

I only have development stuff until os3.1, including rom images.

What I could imagine, is to use AfaOS and then try to get a similar look.

11:51 AM  

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