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As you might wonder, what I am doing at the moment, I'll give you an update.

Menu stuff is already working, so I can select a menu from AROS and the appropriate amigaOS menu gets activated. But it still needs debugging and I wanted to debug it with the help of WordWorth. WordWorh needs quite some CPU power and my old debug machine was a 1GHz PIII with 512MB of RAM. It was also crashing as soon as either to much harddisk IO or a too high CPU load happened. So compiling AROS (without contrib) took an eternity and caused some 3-4 reboots. But it had the advantage, that you keep your code fast and optimized, as you notice speed problems at once.

But there is a time, where you simply have to migrate to a new machine and that was now. I already had a new dual core/2GB ram machine standing beside my old one for quite some time. But setting up a development environment as I like it takes time and I was never motivated to spend it.

So after a few hours (days ?), I did my first build of j-uae a few minutes ago, so back at work.


Blogger Hardwired said...

I fully understand your need for a updated machine. Naturally there's a good thing in using old hardware to develop. Usually one improves the application speed.

Naturally as you're probably running in hosted node, in native mode will always be faster...

12:31 PM  
Blogger Merlin said...

True - but slow hardware does stifle your creativity and enthusiasm when developing.

10:40 PM  
Blogger Hardwired said...

How about some post on the direct app launch in AROS? From what I've read in the AROS Dev.ML you're doing some inquiries regarding that...

Back to the window drawing stuff any idea on how to implement the other boopsi gadgets and the program custom ones on AROS intuition windows?

I just love to follow your blog!...

6:44 PM  

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