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Nothing happened to my code for quite some time, sorry. No spare time -> no code.

So this blog entry is the best I can do for you ;).

Did you ever wonder, how my development machine looks like? I'll give you an impression.

The only native operating system is Windows XP. It runs two things:
- an X Server (Xming) and
- VMWare

In VMWare I run Debian (and sometimes IcAros). Debian opens quite some xterms on the X Server (rootless).

In those xterms, tirc is running as my irc client and I can start AROS from there. So AROS is running on Xming, too.

Now inside AROS, I can run j-uae (rootless of course).

It's a pity, AROS can not run rootless, otherwise I would really loose the overview, which window runs where ;).

And this is where it ends (this is just one X11 window):

This is m68k-ffplay (new version from aminet) running rootless inside j-uae, which is running on x86-aros running linux hosted running in VMware on Windows XP.

Any further questions?

Btw, the video runs quite smooth, fascinating.

The only remaining question is, which DS9 episode is being played ;)?


Blogger Tor said...


Does j-uae support running classic apps fullscreen on its own custom screen? I have been experimenting abit with higher resolutions in native AGA chipset. WinUAE support 8mb chipram, does j-uae too?

It would be cool if you could test out lets say, DPaint in 1024x768 res. You could go as high as 1280x720@HAM8!!! :-)

Please take a look

10:12 AM  
Blogger bloodline said...

It's a trick question, as the is the stock footage of Sisko used every episode to bulk out the show to 45min ;)

8:42 AM  
Blogger o1i said...

Fullscreen will be done of course.

Any normal uae supported resolution will be useable, I hope.

;). There are some tribbles in this episode. But I admit, it is nearly impossible, to find out. It was just a random screenshot, otherwise I would have chosen an easier scene.

4:48 PM  

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