Clipboard #2

Now as clipd and janusd should be able to work together, I was tempted to try it ;):

You can see the amigaOS 68k JanoEditor and the default AROS x86 Editor. Both are running side by side. You can select the copy/paste menus of both (they share the same AROS look and feel of course) and transfer data from AROS to amigaOS and vice versa.

After some playing around, the 68k side was locked :(. Still some bug hunting left, as it seems..


I've also changed the configuration GUI. In e-uae you have either the possibility to run with a GUI and get this GUI if you start e-uae. Or you start without a GUI and get directly to the UAE window, but you can't get into the GUI later on.

Now the GUI is always started, but as j-uae is a commodity, you can hide/show it with exchange at any time. uaerc.config option "use_gui" just controls, if j-uae starts in show or hide mode.

Planet AROS

If everything works, this post should also be available from Rob's Planet AROS. Try it, if you did not come from there. I really find this a good idea, thnx Rob.


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