A deadline is a deadline is a deadline, but only between Ferengi (17. rule of programming).

I noticed, the deadline for this bounty is quite near (1.6.) but obviously, it will be missed. Normally I am better in keeping my time schedules, but this is not my main business, so estimates are hard sometimes.

I asked the power2people to extend the time period, but they prefer to keep the original deadline, as long as the bounty is still assigned. My personal new deadline is the 1.9. as I expect to have less time for coding in the next months, that is why I wanted to have it completed till 1.6..

Anyways, it will be done sooner or later ;).

I will be off-line the next few days, so you won't get much news here.


Blogger Hardwired said...

Hope it won't be long 'till we hear from you again

6:55 PM  

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