Progress? What progress?

At the moment, I have nearly no time to code for j-uae. 1h/week does not bring you much further, sorry. I have a lot of "day-job work" to do and the remaining time gets my family and friends.

What is the current bounty status?

1. Must be able to run some classical software which must include: WordWorth 6, Organizer 2, Datastore 2 and Money Matters 4.

WordWorth works on a public screen. Other programs not tested/available, but I see no reason, why the should fail.

2. Must provide support for window and screen based apps so they appear to be running on the host system - including access to public screens.

Public Screens are fine. You can have aros windows on amigaOS public screens and vice versa (still needs some debugging, but will work).

3. Doubling-clicking a 68k application in Wanderer will cause that application to be run in the emulation.

Missing (not started)

4. Each instance of emulation will be a commodity that can be shut down via Exchange.

As you wish. But I don't see the point in here, one instance is enough. But it is a commodity, you can start more than once.

5. Port over a Zune based UAE prefs application.


6. UAE to use AROS clipboard.


7. separate directory (for 68K files) dictated by the chosen config.

Not really sure, what this means. UAE handles it this way already.

So what is still missing?

- custom screen support

Should be trivial, as j-uae already can run in full screen mode. But e-uae was never designed to switch between windowed/fullscreen mode on the fly. Opening a custom screen works already, but the closing/switching part is missing completely. I am working on that at the moment, whenever I find some time.

- wanderer start

I will keep that simple and just launch the program without any parameters etc. Should be quite easy. Fancy features like parameters etc can be added later, otherwise this bounty will never be done.

What next?

Vacation. One week. Then we see any further ;).


Blogger Jaiminho said...

well, seems to be a huge progress after the gtk-zune wraper, imho! =o)
good vacation!

9:24 PM  
Blogger Jaiminho said...

btw: i think that now aros is the second/first best place for 68k emulation, isnt it? (after the winuae version)


9:27 PM  

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