glib 2.12.0

Itix updated the CVS glib from version 2.6.6 to version 2.12.0 some time ago. After adding a few patches, which, as it seems, I have forgotten to commit to the CVS, I can now also build a native AROS version of glib 2.12.0.

Why not more progress?

I had some bad luck with some of my servers. Having a second backup server is sometimes not enough, if within one week, both machines die because of hardware errors :(. My domain was down for some days and you could not reach me through my private E-Mail adresses. Everything is up and running on a cheap emergency box now, hopefully, this will not die, too, until I get new reliable hardware up. I had everything on backup tapes, so no data was lost, just a lot of time..



is now available as a beta (!) version from:
e-uae.aros-gtk.20060704-2.gz (readme)

Source is also there:

I mailed this link to Richard Drummond, so hopefully some of my changes will show up in the main tree, as soon as he finds some time ;).

During a debug session for "random crash bug" in the notebook widget, I got bored and decided to add a new feature, so now the widget can have tabs, as you can see here:

or can have the tabs switched off:

Of course, you can toggle the tabs on/off with the "tabs on/off" button in this example (in other words, gtk_notebook_set_show_tabs now works).

So my custom notebook class can be toggled between a RegisterGroup and a HGroup with MUIA_Group_PageMode=TRUE with a simple


And I finally found the mysterious and long annoying "random crash bug" in this damned widget, too ;).

Sometimes it is better, to add new features, instead of hunting down bugs..