Boring SVN management

Before you can start something new, you have to cleanup your mess. At least you should. Although my SVN tree is not really a mess, it still needed some cleanups. So what i did:

  • verified with a clean checkout and build, that all files for the released JanusUAE 1.4 are in the j-uae-1.x branch
  • created a new j-uae-1.4 tag for the j-uae-1.x branch for the JanusUAE v1.4 release
  • cleaned up the win-uae-2.3.1 tag, which was a quick import with too many subdirectories
  • imported WinUAE 2.8.10 sources into the win-uae vendor branch
  • created a new win-uae-2.8.10 tag for the win-uae branch for the latest stable WinUAE sources
I hate all that boring SVN management stuff and I really looking back at the time, when in my old professional coder days we had guys at work, who did all that release and config management for us. Although I did not really apprentice it at those days.

Nevertheless, this is, how the code looks like at the moment. Lot of history since the first e-uae release with a gtk-mui gui in 2008:

 Yeah, I know, nothing interesting in this post. But I warned you in the headline ;).


Janus-UAE v1.4 released

Icaros 2.0 will be shipped with Janus-UAE v1.4

Most features and bugfixes were requested by Paolo, so you have to thank him for his efforts, feature requests and the very helpful bug reports, which made v1.4 possible.

New features:
  • janusd is now available for AROS/68k guest systems
  • GUI display tab reordered
  • added new AROS screen resolution option: Clone Workbench (so you can now open up the emulation screen in the same resoution, as your AROS native workbench screen)
  • start AmigaOS programs from wbrun with an assign in path works now
  • AROS/m68k as a guest now works in coherency
  • startup crashes fixed, when splash window was used
So let's hope, this is the last of the v1.x series and v2.0 will be based on WinUAE ;).