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There's a (bigger) problem hidden inside my sources. If you add an element to another, you can do that with gtk_box_pack. What I did, is just call ADD_MEMBER in the MUI side of things. But sometimes, a widget has an own add-method, which can also result in an ADD_MEMBER MUI call. So basically, I end up with the same MUI object added twice to one parent. MUI/Zune should really throw an error here. Gtk does at least, if you try to do such a thing.

I caused the problem, when I disabled the widget add functions for some widgets, but not for all. Now I have to enable all add-methods and remove the ADD_MEMBER calls from box_pack functions..

At least I now know, what's going on. I had to take a 2 weeks break from my sources and then I found the problem within 30 minutes. Before the break, I searched for 3 days without results..