Up to now there have been 90 janus-uae v0.2 downloads from aminet and the archives. Not bad for a 0.2 which only offered picasso96 support compared to the old e-uae. Only?

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Janus fate is sealed ;).

Btw, I found on youtube, why E-UAE is so cool on VmwAROS :).


Janus-UAE 0.2

Today I uploaded version 0.2 of Janus-UAE to the AROS archives. If you start it, you'll get an e-uae with picasso96 support for AROS. I thought, some people might want such a version.

For the completion of the bounty, quite some stuff is still missing.



Still there are no visual improvements over the already known screenshots. But now the gfx updates are as smooth as the real uae updates. There is still one minor error, which causes non updated backgrounds, but beside this, I like it.

What was the problem?

The Janus-UAE picasso96 code is responsible for the copy operation from the picasso memory to the different AROS windows, which have AmigaOS counterparts. For a first quick solution, I always copied all window contents from the AmigaOS sode to the AROS windows. Not really optimal. Picasso96 knows, which areas have been changed, but .. it does know nothing about intuition windows.

So now, whenever picasso96 detects changed areas, I update the area in all windows, which are withing this area. Still too many updates, but much better than before. So as long as only one window is within the area it is optimal. If you have really many windows stacked, you loose a little bit, but you should not notice it.

Besides that, I tried to fix the build system .. I made some progress here, but it is not really a configure & make solution yet. I always end up with -I/usr/include and -L/usr/lib defines and I am not sure, where they come from. But if I sed them ou of my makefiles, the build works.

Another thing I started, is to get rid of compiler warnings .. also quite some way to go ;).