GtkMenu != Zune Menu ..?

Gtk Menus are more powerful, than Mui/Zune ones, so a perfect mapping for menus will be more than difficult (if not impossible ;)). In the old version, I tried to convert the GtkMenu Widget to classic intuition like menus at the top of the screen.

Looks nice, but in Gtk, you can have more than one menubar, which is not possible for intuition screens, of course. So I thought about an own aros menu for every gtk menubar, but as the depth of amigaos menus is more than limited, this was no option.

Now I switched to context menus. They are the closest thing to Gtk Menus, I could find.

A Gtk Menu example:

Here we have one menubar, containig two menus (actually just two text accel labels), which have a menu attached.

In AROS this looks like that:

The only problem remaining are submenus, which do not work at the moment. But it was enough work so far ;).

So our new Gtk Widgets are:
- GtkMenuBar
- GtkMenuItem
- GtkMenuShell
- GtkMenu
- GtkAccelGroup
- GtkAccelMap
- GtkAccelLabel

Gdk functions added:
- GdkKeys
- GdkKeyNames
- GdkEnumTypes