about my pain

I forgot to add one byte for the malloc of the fontname, which was the cause, that italics did not work. Now it looks pretty good:

The baseline is a few pixels wrong, but I am not sure, why. (Or maybe Rob's screenshot shows sth. wrong ;)? ).
I can write forever, too

I wanted to do as much with TT_GetPixmap only as possible, but more was required, than I thought. Anyhow, maybe you recognize the following:

No italics for now, otherwise I would need to post the core dump ;).


ttengine's way to Cairo

I wanted to help Rob (at least a little bit), so I tried to get cairo working on top of ttengine.library instead of bullet.library. After some more or less stupid bugs and some reading of the ttengine sources, I at least managed to get the first few pixels out of it:

These are some pixels of "Hello from ..". Yep, not perfect, but not bad either ;).