As you could see in the CVS, I am in the progress of merging GLIB_oli and MAIN. Most files are done already and most test cases work (again). But still not all required files are commited.. and a lot of files need to be removed, as they are now in the real glib directory.


Just noticed, I did no updates for quite a while, sorry, as always ;). My Servers are up again (the cheap box died one week, after I got my new servers.. Harddisks are not really reliable these days.. I now have two servers with RAID controllers each, maybe I should place one in a different location..).


Up to now, gtk-mui, iconv and glib were static link libraries, which leads to quite big executables, even for small programs. So I try to understand, how AROS libraries work (or better, how to convert a unix link library to an amiga library). I managed to get an iconv.library, but the only thing it does, is to write core dumps.


Long time ago, I created a branch in the CVS, so that I could test the glib integration. In the main trunk, itix made some MorphOS and other changes. For quite some time, I was not really motivated, to do the boring, but the necessary merge . I started merging yesterday and it seems, it's not too difficult. Most tests work with the new merged version, but there are still some problems remaining.