I can see the Workbench 3.1

As soon as AmigaOS console.device was opened, AmigaOS crashed. Now that I merged the console.cpp file, which I forgot to update to the latest version, I can boot from floppy into workbench 3.1!

I still can't type anything in there, but key-presses do result in a flickering cursor, so somehow the translation of the key-codes seem to be wrong. Should be fixable.

Btw, now it also shows WinUAE 2.8.1 in the window title and this seems to be the correct version number. The source code archive was named winuaesrc2810.zip, so I took the (wrong) version number from that filename.


Note the difference

I can now move the mouse! But of course it is not in sync ;).


Another Screenshot

Some of the gfx glitches fixed, now the picture is much clearer:

But I still can't move that mouse pointer..


First Screenshot of WinUAE 2.8.10 on AROS

Not perfect at all, but not crashing and running:


Approaching 2.8.10

As my old WinUAE port was based on WinUAE 2.3.1 sources, which are quite dated now, I decided to first merge my tree with more up to date sources, before I start to fix/improve the port.

As the WinUAE 2.9.x is still in heavy development, I went for the last stable release 2.8.10 and merged all the files. The port of 2.3.1 was quite a lot of work, as the code failed with gcc on many places. Luckily, Toni has fixed lot of those places in the meantime, so this saved me a lot of time.

Nevertheless, such a merge costs time. Currently all files have been merged and can be compiled. There are still 166 undefined symbols at linking, so quite some stuff left to do.

I'll keep you posted.