Christmas time..

But it is not yet time for presents, sorry.

I decided not to release a 0.4, as there was not much feedback, if it worked or not. If you have it working and you found no major bugs, drop a note here, please.

So I went back to my road map and got custom screen support ready. You can now start Deluxe Paint III for example from your amigaOS workbench and it opens on an AROS custom screen. Screen cycling works, too, so if you have many AROS/amigaOS screens mixed, you can use the cycle gadgets just as for native screens (those are native screens).

Downside with custom screens is, that you don't get nice looking AROS menus and window borders, as the program can do too much nonsense with custom screens. So Deluxe Paint looks like Deluxe Paint always looked ;). So no need to show you a screen shot here ;).

And of course every screen gets its own process. Custom screen windows not, as amigaOS windows on custom screens don't have related AROS windows. For custom screens, we don't go down to the window level. So the output of (AROS) tasklist can look like that (some columns stripped):

address type state name
0xAF86DFE8 CLI running tasklist
0xAB676FF0 task ready Idle Task
0xAB706548 task waiting x11hidd task
0xAB683550 task waiting UnixIO.task
0xAB6C1AF0 task waiting input.device
0xAB6D1838 task waiting Menu Handler
0xAB6EF298 task waiting console.device
0xAB717CA0 process waiting J-UAE semaphore proxy
0xAB741478 process waiting CON: Window
0xAF88DEA0 process waiting CON: Window
0xAB7E0E38 process waiting xpipe.handler process
0xAB74C228 CLI waiting IPrefs
0xAB7AB6B0 CLI waiting ConClip
0xAB820030 CLI waiting C:RexxMast
0xAB826378 CLI waiting Decoration
0xAB7D1828 process waiting pipefs.handler process
0xAB95CD48 process waiting Workbench Handler
0xAB6FB580 process waiting Lib & Dev Loader Daemon
0xAB71F3C0 process waiting filesys process for RAM
0xAF77C810 process waiting AOS3 Window 0
0xAF762A00 process waiting AOS3 Custom Screen 100a1c60
0xAB6DCEF8 task waiting Screennotify Handler
0xAF7BA7B0 process waiting AOS3 Custom Screen 102f2d28
0xAF807730 process waiting AOS3 Window 0
0xAF7BD458 process waiting AOS3 Window 104b6ee4
0xAF7BA008 process waiting AOS3 Window 104b6a8c
0xAF6D1418 process waiting AOS3 Window 104b4f9c
0xAE43C8B0 process waiting AOS3 Window 104b45fc
0xAF7AA888 process waiting AOS3 Window 100a314c
0xAF793D30 process waiting AOS3 Window 100a241c
0xAF734708 process waiting AOS3 Window 1000e834
0xAF735520 process waiting AOS3 Window 1000239c
0xAB953AA8 CLI waiting WANDERER:Wanderer
0xAB7187C8 process waiting UAE thread
0xAB7125F0 CLI waiting uae

After a long period of not having spare time for j-uae, things went better the last few weeks, so the activity rose again:

Not that it is sufficient, but much better.

So what's up next? Getting public screen support back working. You can compare that to AROS x86-32 bit and AROS x86-64 bit. 64 Bit has some nice new kernel features. Now I need to merge the new custom screen stuff to the public screen code, too ;).