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What is this?

Nothing more working at the moment. And this is no commitment to get it working , ok ;) ?


E-UAE-GTK and GTK-MUI v2.0 released

As some of you might have noticed already, I uploaded E-UAE-GTK and libgtk-mui to the AROS Archives. Sources for E-UAE are included, for libgtk-mui you can get it from the CVS at sf.net.

Some statistics:

  • The GTK-UI creates 598 Zune objects out of 363 GtkWidgets. Have a look at the structure of the GUI here.

  • GTK-MUI has approximately 100k lines of C-sources.

Screenshots? Not this time, try it yourself ;).

The GUI really puts a heavy load on Zune, I doubt, there are many GUIs with nearly 600 Zune objects. All objects are added dynamically and sometimes removed, their children moved to a new object and added again to the main window. So from my POV Zune is stable. If all features are like they should be (especially compared to MUI), is another issue ;).

Some things you cannot convert to Zune from GTK. In GTK you can have any depths of menus, Zune simply does not provide this. Every Widget can have its own menu. Difficult on Zune, too. There are many such places, but in general Zune gives you the same power than GTK. But IMHO it looks nicer.

What really is nice in GTK, every Object Class has its name. So you can just query any object and you get back, that it is a GtkLabel for example. Perfect for debugging. All objects also have real types and it is checked, if you cast them correctly. If you access something, which is not a valid object pointer, the application does not die (like in Zune), you get Warning/Error messages. So from a software developers point of view, I would prefer GTK at any time over Zune. From a users POV, Zune simply looks better ;).

So what's next? Nothing so far ;). If anybody wants to use/improve gtk-mui, request CVS access, you are welcome. I will try to fix bugs, if they appear in E-UAE-GTK, but other than that, there are no plans for a v3.0 at the moment.

Maybe I'll praise an Egyptian God in the future and help him raising ;).