v0.8 released

janus-uae v0.8 hit the archives: janus-uae.i386.tar.gz

This is the first "stand alone" release since v0.3, all previous versions were "development snapshots" for distributions etc.

New compared to v0.7 is (at least):
  • minimum blit size is increased to 64 bits, whenever possible to avoid noveau slowdowns
  • window border gadgets are now done as AROS gadgets, no more ugly os3 window border gadgets, wherever possible
  • fixed a sound buffer overflow bug of e-uae
  • fixed mouse pointer hide bug
  • fixed many race conditions (I hope all of them)
  • fixed mouse pointer trails bug (use supplied winUAE rtg.library)
  • hotkey to show/hide GUI at any time
  • load/save different configurations
  • display current config file in about tab
  • removed ugly gtk menu
  • quit gui without running amigaos first should not crash anymore
This is still no v1.0, so I await your bug reports.

I hope, this version is stable enough, so I can relabel it as "v1.0" and claim the bounty. If not, well, there is still room for a v0.9 ;).


p.bes special

p.bes: "What I need is JUAE able to load the configuration file, edit it with the gui, and then save it again with its name or another one choosen by the user."

I hope, this does the job:

You can now reload your current config, load a different one, save your current config and save it to another file name. Too late as a Christmas Gift, but anyways ;).


v0.8 release candidate ?

The brave ones know, where to find beta versions ;).


Money Matters (sometimes ..)

Money Matters was one of the software packages, which the bounty requires to run (http://www.power2people.org/projects/profile/1). So let's try to install it:

This is AROS with a small amigaOS workbench window:

Open the "floppy":

And launch the installer:

I have 2.7GB free on my partition, seems like this old installer can't deal with such sizes:

Ok, so we have to use an editor to fix it. We use the aos3 Jano Editor for that. (we could have used the native AROS version, too, of course):

AmigaOS Jano Editor (with AROS native border gadgets of course!):

Search for that "insufficient available space" message:

and where it is used:

Remove size check:

and try again:

and now it worked!

Money Matters in j-uae:

Money Matters runs on am amigaOS custom screen, so you will not get any fancy AROS menus, window frames or border gadgets, sorry. But of course you can launch it from wanderer or use the clipboard to exchange data with other AROS/aos3 programs.

Nevertheless, there is still this "big mystery bug", which I am unable to fix. I get random, rare crashes on aros-hosted on linux, but others get crashes much more often and faster. I just wanted to prove you, that j-uae *can* work, at least sometimes .. (to come back to the headline).