Janus-UAE v1.1 released

You will be able to download it from the
AROS archives/aminet, when the upload
is approved by the maintainers.

New features:
  • thanks to Krzysztof Smiechowicz, this is the first version, which can run AROS/m68k
  • added extended rom selection possibility in the gui
  • comes with AROS/m68k

There were some bug reports for v1.0, so this release
tries to fix them, mainly:
  • mouse pointer disappearance
    If you move the mouse pointer outside a CLI window, the mouse pointer disappeared in coherent mode
  • gui drop box state was not saved/restored correctly
  • startup output is STDOUT again
  • you can remove a selected amiga rom key in the GUI
  • amirun might work again
  • fixed long time undetected memory trashing in the GUI
  • stop uae really stops uae and does not restart anymore sometimes
  • pressing quit stops emulation before it quits
  • double p96 id error requester does not appear anymore
  • 1920x1200 amigaos resolution should work (again)
  • Load config did not really work
This is (nearly) the same version as released by Paolo with Icaros 1.3.1 (some debug output removed, "Internal Beta Version" messages removed).


A cautious glimpse into the future

809-580: 'System:uae'
809-600: ROM loader..
809-620: Known ROM 'KS ROM v3.1 (A4000)' loaded
809-620: ROM loader end
809-620: memory init end
809-660: Building CPU table for configuration: 68000 prefetch 24-bit
809-700: 1879 CPU functions
809-700: Building CPU, 44316 opcodes (0 1 1)
809-700: CPU=68000, FPU=0, MMU=0, JIT=0.
809-700: CPUID level=5, Family=15, Model=4, Mask=3, Vendor=GenuineIntel [0]
809-700: JIT: Building Compiler function table
809-700: JIT: Supposedly 42101 compileable opcodes!
809-700: JIT: cache=0. b=1 w=1 l=1 fpu=1 nf=1 const=1 hard=0
809-800: Sound driver unavailable: Sound output disabled
809-800: ** RESTART **