another release candidate

As there were some problems with the last release candidate, there is another one here.

The following things are different:
- mouse sync in overscan modes should work now (please test!)
- a lot of new and bigger picasso screen modes added
- janusd-draggable for those who want to use j-uae without coherence (this is just a quick work-around)

Mouse sync for non-picasso screens was written from scratch, it took quite some time (much more as you might think). The result is a small and clean code segment, which hopefully works now for all weird overscan settings.

For the bigger screen modes: you need to have an at least so big wanderer screen to use them and assign enough ram to the picasso96 emulation in the memory tab.

I am waiting for your bug reports, either here, by e-mail or on aros-exec.

For all news sites: This is still no news you should put on your site. You may publish it next week, when the 0.4 is uploaded to the official servers. Thanks.


For the brave

As you all wanted a new version, I compiled a release candidate for a 0.4 j-uae. If you don't find any bigger problems with this version, I'll upload it to the aros archives next week.

I have not tested it very much, it is more or less just a current build of the SVN.

But I've added the GUI buttons to enable and disable all the new features:

You can download the release candidate archive here.

Keep in mind, this is not a 1.0 version. This is not even a 0.4 ;). And read the readme.txt in the archives docs section.

Please report severe bugs by e-mail or here in the comments section.

Well, reports of a great and working version are welcome here, too. Although more unlikely to happen ;).

For all news sites: This is not a news you should put on your site. You may publish it next week, when the 0.4 is uploaded to the official servers. Thanks.


Mouse in sync

After quite some fiddling with a lot of parameters, it seems, that the AROS and amigaOS mouse pointers are now in sync both on amigaOS native and Picasso96 screens, both if j-uae is run full screen or in window mode. Of course, janusd needs to be running.

ScanDoubled and Overscan screen modes are not working, could be done of course. If somebody really needs those, well, he might add them himself (or beg me).

I wanted to show you a screen shot, but you could only see one mouse pointer on it ;).

During movement of the mouse, the amigaOS pointer may lack behind, but it is tolerable I think.

I really should release a new version, as j-uae now has clipboard support and mouse sync, it should be useful, even if you do not use the coherence mode..

Do you want one?