It was for sure time, to set up some reasonable source code repository, other then daily tar backups of my local sources. So from now on, the sources are hosted in a SVN repository at:


So now I don't need this blog any more, you can watch the sources yourself ;).
Janus-UAE v0.3 released

After some fighting with the new display panel (thanks Paolo for reporting the bug) v0.3 finally is on http://archives.aros-exec.org/.

New things compared to v0.2:
- picasso96 startup bug fixed
- full screen modes working
- new GUI tab "Display" replacing old "Chipset"
- GUI can be hidden (and shown again) via exchange
- exchange can quit J-UAE
- janus daemon has experimental public screen support

I am at the moment setting up an SVN repository for the sources, so it will be easier for the interested to get them.


Display Settings

As a GUI is part of the bounty, I had to add a configuration page for the full screen mode of course. Up to now, there was a configuration page for the Amiga chipset:

I took a look at WinUAE and (more or less) cloned its "Display" tab:

This is the result:

So now you can change both the full screen option of j-uae (all possible resolutions) and the window size for the windowed mode. At least, if all the hooks are working. So far only the right four frames and the Emulation Speed frame is working.

Btw, this is one GtkTable. Such a table class is missing in Zune, maybe I should convert my GtkTable code one day into a Zune custom class. But not today ;).

Why GTK at all was a question? Because the complete GUI is written in GTK as it was already available for E-UAE. At some places it looks not perfect, but the GUI is quite complex with all the dependencies, so doing a new one in native Zune would be quite an effort.

The whole Display tab is one GTK class, which emits signals if there are changes and exports the values of the settings.

What's still missing in this tab:
- at startup set all values according to the last saved prefs
- hooks for the resolutions and resolution options
- disable all frames, if UAE is running


v0.3 ?

- UAE running full screen on AROS works
- amigaOS public screens as AROS public screens, too

What's missing?

A GUI for the full screen modes. I am not good in GTK, even if I did GTK-MUI ;). So this is no fun for me. We'll see.


Yeah, not much new to see, but I've told you so ;).


Public Screens

Just to break the silence, I am working on public screen support for janus-uae. The idea is to open an AROS public screen for every amigaOS public screen. So AROS windows and amigaOS windows can both live on that screen. So far for the theory. I introduced a bug somewhere and that's where I am, debugging ;).

Btw, my actual janus-uae build can run in full screen mode, but so far there is no GUI button to activate that. v0.3 will have it, promised ;).

Btw2, did anybody try the janus-daemon in the amiga directory of the janus-uae v0.2? Just start it form a shell window on a picasso96 workbench screen and get a feeling, how the integration will look like. Still very much work in progress, so be warned.