A deadline is a deadline is a deadline, but only between Ferengi (17. rule of programming).

I noticed, the deadline for this bounty is quite near (1.6.) but obviously, it will be missed. Normally I am better in keeping my time schedules, but this is not my main business, so estimates are hard sometimes.

I asked the power2people to extend the time period, but they prefer to keep the original deadline, as long as the bounty is still assigned. My personal new deadline is the 1.9. as I expect to have less time for coding in the next months, that is why I wanted to have it completed till 1.6..

Anyways, it will be done sooner or later ;).

I will be off-line the next few days, so you won't get much news here.


another step completed

Up to now, you had to start the janusd from amigaos3 and then got your rootless aos3 windows. There was no way back to normal uae operation and. If you quit uae, all janus-windows stayed forever on the aros workbench.

Since now you can:
- change from coherent to normal by sending CTRL-C/CTRL-D to janusd (from aos3)
- change from coherent to normal with a new GUI tab
- save coherent mode in the prefs

All the above is of course only possible, if you have started janusd already (for example in your amigaOS startup-sequence).

Have a look yourself.

Above you can see the new GUI tab "View", which is disabled, as long as janusd is not running.

Janusd started, normal mode.

Coherence mode on. The normal UAE window is still open, I'll keep it there for debug reasons. For the release version, this will disappear of course.

Next step? As you can see in the "View" tab, clipboard support. This will be a small aos3 program on its own, so you can use transparent clipboard sharing in "normal" uae mode, too. But you need some more patience for that ;).


small steps

For quite some time, I had problems with the DoubleMenuRequesters used by WordWorth. I am not sure, if I ever have noticed, that amigaOS has something like that ;). They appear, if you double click on a wrongly spelled word for example. Double click with the right mouse button. There is no way for me to catch such double clicks from AROS. I could setup my own DMRequester, but this will only appear and not give me any chance to jump into some callback and hand it over to amigaOS.

So I now measure the time between two menu pick events with no menu selection. If this time is quite short, I send two right mouse button clicks to the emulated environment. Seems to work.

But then, whenever such a !!=!(ยง"!! requester appeared, my window sync algorithm caused indefinite window cycling and I had no idea why for quite some time. The cause was,that as long as the requester was active, there were two layers, which had the same window pointer. Until then, I never got double entries in this list. After I ignored duplicates, it works as expected.

Small features are sometimes paid with a lot of time:


Another new machine..

I already had the feeling, that the change to my new installation would take more time, than I have. I upgraded to the latest Debian and .. AROS hosted crawled .. I spent some time trying to debug it, but after some days I had to give up, otherwise j-uae will never get finished. So I installed another machine (this time with etch and not lenny) with an older debian release. At least I did it all on virtual machines, so copy etc. was rather trivial. Nevertheless, 10 days have passed without any process on j-uae.

Current status:

  • I can build AROS and j-uae without problems now. Building is much faster now, but it could be still faster ;).

  • AROS runs without problems (virtual Debian on VMware (Windows host), X display running on XMing Server on Windows)

  • j-uae file system fixed, now uses amiga API on some places, where problems with libc calls appeared on the new machine (?).

So if nothing else pops up, I hope I can do something productive next time I switch this machine on.

And another screenshot for you, compare the past and the future ;):


New machine

As you might wonder, what I am doing at the moment, I'll give you an update.

Menu stuff is already working, so I can select a menu from AROS and the appropriate amigaOS menu gets activated. But it still needs debugging and I wanted to debug it with the help of WordWorth. WordWorh needs quite some CPU power and my old debug machine was a 1GHz PIII with 512MB of RAM. It was also crashing as soon as either to much harddisk IO or a too high CPU load happened. So compiling AROS (without contrib) took an eternity and caused some 3-4 reboots. But it had the advantage, that you keep your code fast and optimized, as you notice speed problems at once.

But there is a time, where you simply have to migrate to a new machine and that was now. I already had a new dual core/2GB ram machine standing beside my old one for quite some time. But setting up a development environment as I like it takes time and I was never motivated to spend it.

So after a few hours (days ?), I did my first build of j-uae a few minutes ago, so back at work.