I spent some time debugging my e-uae gui, which had random crashes at startup and a 100% crash while quitting. I found the quit bug after some time, but the startup problem went from 10% crashes to now nearly 100%. I am still not sure, if this is not a MUI problem.. But it takes a lot of time, which I don't want to spend at the moment.

I was more motivated to convert Locale-Prefs to Zune. I have done the first page:

But as you might notice, the entries in the lists are sorted. At least they were in the old gui. As this did not work in Zune, I noticed, that MUIM_List_Sort was not implemented at all. At least, I did not find it.

So I added MUIM_List_Sort and did MUIV_List_Insert_Sorted for List_Insert. MUIA_List_CompareHook should work now,too. Although I did not test this (Famous last words, I know.).

There are still two registers left, time will come.