Small steps..

Time is as usually limited, but there is still some improvement. It seems, that Paolo is satisfied with the 0.7 he got for the next Icaros version. At least, I got no further complaints from him, after I fixed some reported problems.

New stuff in the SVN (not everything already in the 0.7):
- Catweasel support by spirantho
- console output now uses stdout instead of stderr
- coherence mode uses delta buffer for gfx updates
- (some more I forgot..)

cc4 (cc5?) reported, that every new amigaOS window slows down his machine quite noticeable, so I had a look at the gfx optimization. UAE uses a delta buffer to decide, which areas of the display to update. J-UAE updated all windows completely. And as every amigaOS window has an own AROS window, the effort to update all of them was maybe too much. Funnily on my hosted AROS it was not so bad as on his native box. It seems to be related to which resolutions/depths you use.

Nevertheless, the current svn version uses the delta buffer algorithm. But now there are quite some situations (race conditions etc), in which the update is not complete. They are hard to handle. But I think, I got most of them at least somewhat hidden. But it is worth the speed gain ;).