Locale Progress

I decided to change (hopefully improve) locale prefs a little bit, have a look:

The map with the cities to select is a custom Country_CLASS based on group class. The register is a custom class based on PrefsEditor class. It's a little bit tricky to send MUIA_PrefsEditor_Changed from Country_CLASS, so I simply gave the editor object to the country object as a parameter. I am not really a fan of object orientated coding. Maybe that's the reason, I love GTK more than Zune from a programmers POV ;). But Zune looks better.

Btw, this map is really done nice by the original authors. If I had to code that, it would end up in *much* more lines of code. Pens have their advantage sometimes obviously.


Locale Prefs continued

Got the Zune part nearly ready, just some smaller elements and a lot of hooks missing ;). But have a look yourself:

That's enough for today, have a nice weekend.


OT: FinalWriter running on Vista

During a search for a couple of old text files on some of my CD-Roms, I found the Windows-port of FinalWriter, which once was available from the FinalWriter Homepage as a trial version.

As I was sitting on a Vista PC, I though, I give it a try. Well, I thought I give Vista a try, when I installed that PC, that is another problem ;).

And the surprise: This old application runs without problems under Vista SP1, the installer don't cause any problems. So yes, you can run FinalWriter under Vista without UAE.

Sorry, no screenshot here, as this Vista machine blue-screens, as soon as it connects to any network. This is the other problem, spoken above ;).