Breaking the silence

I've been busy with a lot of non-AROS related things lately, so not much to post here, sorry.

I alway wanted to continue Rob's webkit work, I had all the required stuff compiled, but the final linking of the webkit demo failed. Still haven't found the time and motivation to continue there, even if I know, I should ;).

GTK-MUI is in a relative stable state, although I am not sure, if it makes sense, to develop it any further. Too many other libraries are missing (not stuff like pango etc), so there are no "easy" ports of GTK applications. But I learned a lot during GTK-MUI, so it was worth the effort. If anybody is interested, the sources are at sf.net of course.

Lately I noticed, that there are still some non-zune prefs out there and I decided to try to convert one. I chose serial, seemed to be the simplest ;).

It looked like that:

After some guessing, how the base zune class for prefs works and how the old prefs program worked at all ;), it now looks zune'isher:

I have committed my changes, next nightly should have it, hope I did not break it ;). First time, I send sth to the AROS SVN, it was about time.

I'll be on vacation the next two weeks, no keyboard. But maybe in 6 months I'll post again, cu