e-uae again

As I read the quite interesting blog of rob about his DOS packet adventures, I felt guilty about no updateing my own blog. Btw, congratulations to Michal, as he has now a "Dr."-title.

So what's on in gtk-mui land?

A long time ago, I did a compile of e-uae with a gtk-mui gui. I was now curious, if e-uae still works..

Well, it didn't ;).

It crashed, as soon as I released the "Pause" button and such as life is, it was not really obvious, what caused that segfaults. If I comiled e-uae with my old version, everyting worked as expected. After some (!) debugging time, I found the bug in the e-uae sources. As I compiled without file system support, there was one ifdef, which caused some memory to be uninitialized.. something which went well with my old gtk-mui lib by accident.

Still there were random crashes. This did not cost much debug time. It seems as if the default stack size in AROS is not big enough, after setting the stack to 100k the crashes are gone. I have to investigate, how to increase the stack in AROS inside a program, as stackswap seems to be no help in AROS..

After all, e-uae works again, even the debug button now works perfectly (which did not work in the old version AFAIR). The only thing, which seems to be broken, is that the memory configuration is not saved. Well, it is saved in the prefs file .uearc, but it is not read back correctly. But this is not a GTK problem ;).

And here's a screenshot with e-uae running the Red Sector Megademo which shows the power led and the floppy led displayed correctly (custom gtk widgets) and the debugger in the AROS shell behind (and you can see one of the remaining problems, too, the string gadget should take all the horizontal space..):