Breaking the silence

I did some smaller things in WinUAE, but I was quite lacking motivation and time the last few months..

So today I decided to do something just for fun:

Who wants ssh on AROS?

Disclaimer: As always, this is just a first and quick port of plink, which is part of the putty package. Not meant for real life usage. But quite stable, as it seems already.


Merry Christmas!

So does Santa have a final WinUAE release for AROS?

Well, I don't know of course, but I don't have one, sorry.

The (quite painful) merge to 3.2.0 is now completed, I started picasso96 support (half-done) and just wanted to give you an update on the current state.
As the old v0.1 on www.sf.net is quite dated now, maybe I'll upload a newer alpha version based on 3.2.0 today, but don't use it for anything serious, sooner or later it will crash your AROS host system.


time, there's no time..

With just a few adjustments to the SDL code I got an output window, which also contained the status line and looked quite ok.

But nothing happened. The CPU emulation code was called and then .. nothing!?

In my old 2.8.1 version I added some assembler operations to get a better timing for the processor speed, as AROS seems not to be able to provide something like that.

And I enclosed the assembler part with

#if defined(i386) || defined(x86_64)

The actual build system seems to be missing those defines !? So after removing the ifdef's the cpu emulation can now determinate the speed of the processor and now:

This is the first screenshot of a running WinUAE 3.2.0 port on AROS :-)!


WinUAE 3.2.0

Well, Toni released Version 3.2.0, so I started merging it with my (now dated) port of 2.8.1.

WinUAE progresses really fast, it seems to be difficult to keep the pace, especially, as many parts are not ported completely and still need a lot of ifdefs, which I had to manually apply again..

WinUAE now contains a lot of new parts, Mame emulator parts, more qemu parts, dosbox parts.. all of them needed to be integrated in the port, too. And there still are the PearPC parts missing ;-). WinUAE is not only emulator, it contains a lot of emulators, too.

After some painful hours now at least the GUI comes up again:

As I now also try to get Picasso96 integrated, pressing "start" is not a good idea at the moment, if you don't like Guru messages ;-).


Download Statistics

First of all I want to thank all the brave downloaders, I would not have expected so many downloads ;-).

sf.net records some statistics, interesting is the Operating-System chart:

Seems like sf.net does not know about us ;-). I am really surprised, that so many people are online with unknown operating systems.


Janus-UAE2 v0.1

Even if it still far away from a feature-complete and rock-solid release, it might be time to release a snapshot of the current state of development.

You can download v0.1 of Janus-UAE2, the WinUAE port for AROS, here:


Please keep in mind:
  • This is a complete new WinUAE port. It is not based on the previous Janus-UAE sources.
  • This version lacks a lot of functionality, it is far away from the features, Janus-UAE 1.x offers.
  • No Picasso96, no JIT, no .. ,but Harddrives should work ;)
  • and this is for AROS x86_64 ABI v1 only
  • as ABI v1 might break binary compatibility on any day, it is working for the ABI v1 of 15.10.2015, everything else is not sure.
So for the brave, you might give it a try. Please also read the README.txt.

I will not upload this release to aros-archives or the aminet, as it is still to alpha to waste space there ;-).


Hard drive tab..

Not working yes (buttons not yet activated), but at least displays the actual config.

Now if SourceForge would come back to life, I could commit all that stuff. This all will be a big commit, no chance to ever track the single changes..